Neuropathia – Satan Owns Your Stereo (2008)

They do say that the devil has all the best tunes, and that is mos-def the situation here with Neuropathia’s 5th album (I could be wrong as the band have a long and varied discography and I just took a cursory glance at Discogs lol). Prepare yon lugholes for a bombastic explosion of somewhat rock-n-roll tinged grindcore madness. Imagine Regurgitate meeting Blood Duster at a Malignant Tumour gig and distill all of that through a modern yet still organic production, and you’ll get something akin to this devilish recording.

It’s not all-go however; the carnage is punctuated with some doomier moments, slower tracks with samples running over them, or with sludgier riffs that call back to the song structure styles used by acts such as Gut (but with layers of grume scraped away by the clear sound). Song titles such as “On Your Knees”, “Transsexual Worshipers of Satan” and “Iron Midget Buster of the Elephants” similarly hark back to that particular school of grind.

The one thing about this record that I don’t understand is the bizarre inclusion of the ambient, moody track “Brain Damage” bang at the end of the, err, first act, as it were. As the listener, when you are full swing into the type of carnage presented here, the last thing you’d expect (or even particularly want) is a curve ball thrown at you in the shape of a drifting soundscape that goes absolutely nowhere. Bizarre choice, saved by the plethora of amazing tracks that follow it.