Gestapo 666 – Satanic Shariah (2019)

I’ve been doing a bit of looking at NSBM recently. It’s something I’ve always totally avoided, give or take a band on a split or something that’s cropped up like that. Recently, I did a review for a Clandestine Blaze album and I’ve been looking into the controversy around Graveland a lot, so maybe thats why, but YouTube is nothing but insistent with suggesting me this album. I guess the same instincts that led me into gore and porno grind had me eventually clicking on this thing.

Hey, guess what? It’s absolutely awful. There are moments of inspiration, and the vocals are pretty cool, but otherwise this is very uninspired and goes absolutely nowhere. The runtime, which makes listening to this thing feel like several hours instead of minutes, certainly does not help. But yeah. Add this to the pile of mediocre projects with a shocking name and nothing else to really back it up. Dreadful, hateful shit.