Strong Intention – What Else Can We Do But Fight Back (2001)

(Excuse the lo-fi art today, can’t find anything with high enough resolution!)

This is a barking mad, rabid display of hardcore punk power. Strong Intention’s music is underpinned by what seems like genuine disgust and anguish at the American work-a-day life, which sets them apart from their peers in a sea of similar bands. Songs like “Model Citizen”, “Consumer Sucker” and “Economic Outpatient” are perfect examples of this malice utilized to deliver scathing punk noise with an alternative diatribe to the work/sleep/die/repeat model of life.

My only complaint with this record is that the sound is a little thin. Yeah, punk is DIY as fuck but a little boost to the sound quality here would be enormously beneficial for the band’s anger and energy. It is not badly recorded, it just sounds a little flat compared to other records as it fitted into the rest of my listening for the day, which was absolutely fine when I got used to it, but it doesn’t hide the fact that the production is a little flat. That aside, this is brilliant, and strongly recommended listening.