Sodom – Tapping The Vein (1992)

It’s thrash-o-clock here at Lines in Wax! Its not often that I spin a thrash record, but when I do, you’d best be sure that it is a nasty thrash sound. Sodom always hit the spot every time, and I was reminded to write a little bit about them after catching them live briefly back in November. Tapping The Vein is a solid, denser-than-dark matter metal record, with a tight, condensed production and a dry, crisp sound. Sodom entering the 90s took on a more amped-up, terrifying sound; tighter and more brutal, much like the death metal stylings at the time, which have an obvious influence on this album, if only in the production job.

The tracks remain quite punky; that springy, almost sloppy hardcore drumming jars madly into the watertight song structures (almost in the same way as if you program a d-beat into a drum machine it just doesn’t sound quite right). Highlights include the hat-trick of “Bullet in the Head”, “The Crippler” and “Wachturn”, as well as the excellent closing track, “Reincarnation”. One has to wonder if Rage ATM took any “inspiration” from that “Bullet…” track, as the choruses are barked in a remarkably similar manner (the songs as a whole are entirely different however).

Decent bit of German thrash, my luvvies, with more-90s-than-the-90s art to go with it. Bonza!