Couple Skate – Ice Skate Lobotomy (2014)

December 4, 2016
Couple Skate – Ice Skate Lobotomy (2014)

Man, this shit is dank – it sounds just like Paucities smashed into early Regurgitate; dirgy, muddy, demo-quality grinding mush with bottomfeeder sludgy shifted vokills. I love all this “new” American-wave goregrind shit that has all this mincecore edge to it – it’s fucking class, and Couple Skate is easily one of the best of the bunch (gotta give props to Haggus and Hyperemesis for coming joint first too).

The demo / EP is only six tracks long (one of which, perhaps expectedly, is a Regurgitate cover) but who gives a shit when the stuff is this tasty? Time to hunt down some more Couple Skate stuff, I think…

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