Björk – Biophilia (2011)

December 5, 2016
Björk – Biophilia (2011)

I love Björk, I really do, but a lot of her later output leaves a lot to be desired, in my opinion. Case in point: this entire album. Despite the lead single “Crystalline” being one of my favourite Björk tracks, and “Mutual Core” being a fantastic, brooding ballad-meets-speedcore headfuck, the remainder of Biophilia is unfortunately a lazy wasteland of ploinky ploinky quirkiness that goes absolutely nowhere, which in a bizarre twist of fate is simultaneously Björk’s appeal as well as her undoing.

It is hard to analyse a record that literally does the same thing over and over on every track (please give me the sweet release of harsh noise wall!), so I’ll just wind this up quickly. It doesn’t matter how weird or perplexing Björk’s lyrics are, when you’ve heard x number of icy synths or obscure percussion instruments being strummed/plonked/hit/keyed out of time for ten tracks in a row, the peculiarity loses its charm. For die-hard Björk fans only.

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