Intestinal Disgorge – Depravity (2010)

December 2, 2016
Intestinal Disgorge – Depravity (2010)

Depravity is a colossal release in the discography of the one and only Intestinal Disgorge. The wackiness of Sociopath takes on a more brutal, darkened edge on this 60 track beast. I remember picking this album up at a “distro” in Obscene Extreme 2013, where this guy under a gazibo had like, 15 CDs for sale and three or four t-shirts. In the same year, this album was banned in Germany, despite being an obscure grindcore release on a fucking Brazilian label, under the same bullshit law that caused all that fuss with Cannibal Corpse back in the day.

Bizarelly, this album isn’t linked on the group’s Bandcamp page like all the other full lengths, so it’s kinda hard to link you up with something here. Luckily someone has uploaded one of the tracks to YouTube, but the lack of availability of this digitally only adds to the mystery behind it and the previously mentioned ban. (UPDATE 08th March 2017: I’ve added a full album link below!)

Either way, this is a totally solid part of the Intestinal Disgorge canon and I recommend a dosage for all sick goregrind maniacs, if you can find a copy, that is.

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