Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction (2015)

I’ve been meaning to write about this since it came out but I’m a useless moron. Even seeing the band live twice in the summer kinda booted me up the arse to get it done, but then I let it slide. Anyways, there’s no time like the present! Cattle Decapitation have come such a long way and it’s both a pleasure and a shame to see them fall into their own entirely unique sound. I say that because Cat Decap have always been one of my favourite death metal bands; their murky, disgusting take on gore-drenched music has always been fascinating to me, and when more melodic elements crept into their work I found myself distancing from the band. Karma.Bloody.Karma was the last record I paid any real attention to, and the two that followed it didn’t really do anything for me, although the Monolith Of Humanity record had a few stand-out tracks.

Along comes the mouthful that is The Anthropocene Extinction, taking the template laid on Monolith Of Humanity to incredible new heights. Such savage, clinically-executed brutality that doesn’t seem to lose any grime considering the quality of the production job and the immense triggering of the drums; even the melody sears along a razor’s edge. Those vocals; Jesus H Christ! Entirely in a league of their own, if not at first a bit bewildering. This sounds more to me like a hungry debut record from a band born to conquer the world of extreme metal, rather than album number eight from well-established scene legends. I mean, talk about re-inventing yourself…

Obviously Cattle Decapitation aren’t the same band as they were in 1996. But this is incredible.