Agathocles – This Is Not A Threat… It’s A Promise! (2010)

(I found this review after salvaging a HDD from an old laptop. It was originally written in 2013)

Ahh, the simpler things in life…the laptop open browsing the world wide web, a beer next to my right hand (and several more chilling in a washing up bowl full of ice), and my latest Agathocles LP purchase spinning on the platter. I’ve said it before, but you really don’t need to fix what is broken. Agathocles have been peddling the same unique brand of grind for a good while now, and This Is Not A Threat…. is one of the more recent long-playing offerings in mincing chaos.

I think that the band definitely lost their way through the late 90s, but came full circle back into the perfect grinding sound of mincecore fury. This “perfected” AGx sound is what the band pretty much use as a template for everything these days, and This Is Not A Threat… is no exception. Expect the usual blasting grind assault from Belgian’s finest purveyors of the art form. And like I said above, why expect anything else?