Total Abuse – Total Abuse (2007)

Total Abuse play messy, vicious hardcore with a downtuned, sludgy twist. Tracks range from the short ‘n’ fast machine gun cannon to more plodding, progressive numbers, and to the downright weird and unusual. This self-titled record is noisy as fuck, and probably has some roots in the harsh noise or avant garde.

I originally mistook this as a full length album but it’s classed as an EP (2020 edit: I think?), which is unusual because y’know, records just shy of half hour usually get counted as albums in these circles. Not that it particularly matters. It still sounds amazing. I’m not really into hardcore punk that much so it’s always fuckin’ great when I hear something that I can really enjoy jamming. It’s probably Total Abuse’s noisy tendencies that help them fall into my comfort zone. Some of the slower songs actually sound a bit like Big Black, for example, “Banned In Austin” sees layers of screeching dissonant guitars fighting over a plodding bass line.