Vulvulator / Malignant Germ Infestation – Split CDr (2007)

I’ve never really been impressed by this split. It’s just been one of those ‘meh’ releases for me that I ended up owning through a trade or something similar. I’m only really doing a review of it because I’m selling it and if I don’t review it now then it’ll just fade out of my memory forever and I’ll forget I ever had it. To be completely honest with you, better material exists out there by both bands (who are both great at what they do, by the way), so this is a completists item for serious goregrind collectors only.

UK’s Malignant Germ Infestation fart and piss through a world of muddy drum machine goregrind, which is all well and good but Vulvulator offer up some – if I dare say it – stale and frankly pointless remixes or demo versions of tracks from their excellent debut record, Obscenario. I don’t see how these tracks are of any worth to absolutely anyone in existence. So like I said, better material exists elsewhere and this is for the die hard collectors only.