Fukpig / Kroh – Split 10″ (2012)

April 13, 2015
Fukpig / Kroh – Split 10″ (2012)

Fukpig bring their haunted crusty d-beat mind-melt to this 10″ with Kroh; a confusing clean vocals ‘n’ super heavy doom combo act. I believe both bands share the same guitarist, but I could be wrong. The guitar tone is really similar by both bands though, even if musically they are completely different. Fukpig bring us three tracks of blackened punk madness, my favourite of which must be “The Prisoner”, although opening track “Docile Subjects” brings all the synth creeping in the universe. Kroh lament us through two sludgy hymns of stonery goodness, my favourite of which has to be “Retribution”, that although with a softer vocal has a bit more punch to it all round.

I believe that this is quite a collectable now; not that many of these 10″s were made and like all Fukpig vinyl (this is no exception), it has a habit of disappearing very quickly. Self-released under Devizes Records – also home to both bands.

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