Sakatat – Bir Devrin Sonu (2012)

April 1, 2015
Sakatat – Bir Devrin Sonu (2012)

Sakatat are a relentless old-school grindcore band from Turkey (yes!). I first heard them on a split 7″ with Agathocles, which fucking ruled, so I eventually got around to checking them out again properly. Bir Devrin Sonu is a 2012 EP consisting of 8 minutes of flat-out blasting goodness. The resemblance to some of Insect Warfare’s shit is uncanny, but perhaps Sakatat pull it off with a bit more of a hardcore punk edge.

Regardless, this is some mosh-pit inducing ferocity that cannot be ignored. This type of sound is like the perfect grindcore for me; no fucking around, rough around the edges but still clear enough to get a good feel for everything that’s going in. The vocals are nauseating, the guitar work akin to Minor Threat on bath salts and the drums sound like heavy duty machine guns.

I’d buy that for a dollar!

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