Analkholic – After Party Shit Stinks (2014)

Like any doctor worth his salt will tell you, at least several weekly listens of guttural groovy gore and/or porn grind is vital to maintaining a.) a happy soul and b.) the ability to dance like a total spastic and get away with it. And Analkholic are just what the doctor ordered. That doctor might be dancing around a muddy field in Trutnov with a dildo strapped to his head, but he’s still a doctor, dammit. Anyways, Analkholic are fucking awesome. Damp, dirty and dingy groove is the order of the day, with stomachable drum machine beats, rumbling strings and Cthulhu-after-two-blunts vokills.

This type of shit seems to get a lot of stick these days simply for being what it is – it’s like there’s a new breed of ultra-PC mongoloids infiltrating grindcore (or perhaps just infinite more numbers of mongoloids have access to the internet and are able to freely voice their opinion like it’s actually important or something, amirite? ;D). But fuck it, Analkholic bring the totally sick party vibe with hilarious samples and the perfect dingy goregrind to brighten up your week.

So do yourself a solid and crank up this band’s self-styled “coconut porngore”. If you’re not dancing by track three then I’m sorry but you are officially an idiot.