Mistress – In Disgust We Trust (2005)

January 11, 2015
Mistress – In Disgust We Trust (2005)

This album should be called In Disgust We Crust! I’ve never been into Mistress really; I always got my superfast metal fix in Anaal Nathrakh and my crusty d-beat headbangery fix in Fukpig, both projects relating to members of this band. For these reasons I always tended to look over Mistress’ existence – that was until I caught their farewell show at Damnation Festival a few years ago, and bloody shitting heck, son – that was a mad one! Mistress’ fervent blend of grindy blasting and sludgy doomery really blew me away.

And that’s exactly what’s on this disc of crusty bludgeoning anthems. Take away the muddy live sound and filter the excess roughness through a decent studio production job and voila – the crème de la crème of sludgy grindy, er, music. In Disgust We Trust starts off with faster, more blastbeat orientated tracks and slowly works it’s way (but not too slowly) towards a meandering groovy conclusion with latter tracks possessing astronomically heavy riffage. As always, Dave Hunt’s vocal carnage is a welcome bonus to literally any music on the planet (except maybe hip hop? Ha!).

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