Gwar – Bloody Pit Of Horror (2010)

I dunno the last time I listened to a Gwar record all the way through. In fact, I dunno the last time I even attempted to listen to a Gwar record in the first place! Ever since Oderus’ untimely death last year I’ve been meaning to check out more Gwar stuff – simply because they are one of my favourite live bands ever, and I feel like I haven’t given them a proper chance. Dave Brockie’s death was a sullen remind of that, and so eventually I actually started my listening of Gwar records.

I started with Bloody Pit Of Horror because I remember reading an hilarious interview with Oderus where he mentioned in passing that Bloody Pit is by far the heaviest Gwar album. And he was totally right, because this doesn’t sound like Gwar at all. They’ve been heavier in their later days than at any point in the past, but the band seemed to perfect it’s own crazy brand of story-telling thrash metal, which is present here on the Bloody Pit, but this album incorporates a lot of influences from heavier metal subgenres such as death metal and doom. I never thought I’d hear Gwar do anything that could ever even be remotely interpreted as doom metal, but there you go.

The album begins with the title track(s) – a four part epic split into different segments. It’s a bit much, but hey – this is Gwar motherfuckers; if you can’t accept shit is going to get ridiculous, then stop listening. After that though, the album sails by at a quickening pace. “Tick Tits” reminds you of what band you are actually listening to, and then the rest of the album is over and done with before I know it, surprisingly leaving me with the urge to listen to more Gwar albums. Well, fuck.