Aun – Multigone (2008)

AUN are another band that I picked up on thanks to Roadburn Festival. I missed them on the day (2012 edition I believe) but in a ritual that my friends call Pre-Roadburn Listening I got listening to their Black Pyramid record. Multigone is an earlier recording of theirs, and is a bit harshier than the meandering ambience present on Black Pyramid. AUN’s approach to noise is droning, unfolding soundscapes that almost have some tangible tune to them, but the edges are blurred with harsh electronics and soaring, cutting synth works.

Multigone is a 7-tracked affair, with track lengths spanning from the usual 4/5 minute length up to 10/15 minutes a piece. The longest track, “Steel Skull Plain”, suprisingly doesn’t seem too long, which is a problem I find with a lot of experimental and noise tracks. My favourite tracks are the opener title track, with it’s droning splashes of noise and atmosphere, and “Palejoy”, with it’s heavy guitar drone overlaid with dark and throbbing beats. Yummy.

Available in a really fancy CDr package from Crucial Blast, and limited to 300 pieces.