Human Touch – Human Touch (2011)

September 14, 2014
Human Touch – Human Touch (2011)

Wow, this fucking rules! Human Touch is some insane shit, playing grind-speed hardcore punk with frenetic, worryingly spastic female vocals. Imagine mixing Minor Threat with Despite You, or something. I’d absolutely love to see this band perform live, because after only 5 songs (only one which has any substantial length) I’m left a little shocked, and most definitely wanting more.

The sound is spot on; definitely paying homage to true hardcore production styles of old but incorporating modern clarity. There’s nothing worse than losing amazing grind or hardcore in a muddy, shitty mix, and thankfully that doesn’t happen here. Apparently this EP was recorded in an attic apartment, so kudos to whoever recorded it, because it sounds great. I’ll shut up now.

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