Gurgle – Scrotum Sap Delicacy (2012)

Wow, just how fuckin’ nasty this sounds is really beyond any words! Fans of Libido Airbag better be scrambling to hit play on this shit – I’m not kidding. There’s legions of lo-fi electronic or techno influenced “goregrind” out there at the moment, and if you’re not deep into this shit then sifting through it all can be a bit of a slog. Thank fuck then, for Gurgle, who are just absolutely fucking amazing. Typical porno samples aside, Gurgle is really refreshing for me, simply because it’s some D.I.Y. techno goregrind/porngrind/whatever that has actually given a thought for production ethic and all-round musical quality. This shit is meaty. Gianna Michaels’ thighs meaty.

Of course, it’s completely typical that something this goddamn brilliant lasts for less than 15 minutes, but it’s enough – it’s got me hooked; I want more fucking Gurgle in my life, damn it! Whilst I make do with lesser porngrind sounds (or I could just listen to Libido Airbag on repeat whilst snorting amphetamines and crying) I implore you to check this shit out. Favourite track is easily the highlariously titled “Slobberin’ The Throbbin’ Goblin”.

Stream this and love this absolutely free of charge thanks to Torn Flesh Records. Or do an Immortal Technique – burn it off the fucking internet and bump it outside. Your neighbours will love it. If there’s anything that’ll win over that girl next door for you, it’ll be this, no doubt.