Blues Pills – Bliss (2012)

Boy am I glad I bought this cheeky little 10″ when I did (edit: I’ve now traded it for a copy of Swans’ Filth). Due to Blues Pills’ ever-blossoming popularity this original 4-track EP is now worth a bloody fortune (for a 10″). The difference between Blues Pills and a gazillion other “revival”, “retro” or (dare I say it) “occult rock” acts (that phrase makes me physically sick) is that when Blues Pills first showed up on my radar they were the only ones who seemed even remotely genuine and weren’t just jocking a trend of female-fronted slightly-heavy rock bands that had songs about the devil. Because y’know, that’s edgy as fuck, amirite?

I don’t want to sound like a hipster but the more popular Blues Pills get the less I like them – just check out the super polished sheen on their new record. Bliss though, is a rougher, more intimate recording of true rock music bursting with passion, soul and well, songs about the devil. Bliss balances the right amounts of psychedelic without becoming self-indulgent, and balances the right amount of pop digestibility, without having the songs become too predictable or boring.

As much as I like to laugh at people with flowers in their hair who think we’re still in the sixties, this record is fucking fantastic. It makes me wanna smoke a bunch of weed and drive a convertible through the fucking desert. Play it!