RazorRape – Slaughter Sluts Supremacy (2013)

RazorRape are a Swedish groovy goregrind band that have been going since 2004. This 2013 EP is a short but sweet journey through some twisted tunes of gory love. Boasting a chunky but honest production job, SSS is a heavy-hitting record, mixing chugging slams and beatdowns with polka-style rhythms and blasting goregrind. The track “Drillbit Defloration” (what a title) is pure CBT-worship through and through, with an absolute massive riff and grooving mid-section.

My only gripe with this EP is how short it is; it’s literally over in a matter of minutes, which sucks, but what can you do? With tracks as amazing as “Severed Cock Lollipop”, “Ballsack Blastfuck” and the previously mentioned ditty about the drillbit, who can argue? Groovy goregrind at it’s best! This is the 3rd RazorRape release out on the excellent Rotten Roll Rex.