D12 – Fight Music (2001)

August 26, 2014
D12 – Fight Music (2001)

“Fight Music” is probably one of my favourite singles off the D12 album Devil’s Night, as it incorporates a much harder edge to it. When I was a wee lad the rockier guitar parts of this track helped me get into D12, and whilst it turned out that a majority of their songs don’t actually sound like this, it helped plant the seed, and after the strength of the “Purple Pills” (or “Hills”, as I first heard it) single as well, really cemented my D12 fandom.

I don’t wanna perpetuate a 12-year-old-white-girl stereotype, but Eminem’s part of this track smokes all of the rest of the band’s rhymes, hands down, although Bizarre’s lines are pretty funny, and twisted, as per usual. The song also boasted a shit hot production style, the beats being similar to that of Eminem’s own Marshall Mathers LP, which came out not long before this.

You can pick this up for virtually next to nothing off websites such as Discogs, if you are somewhat into collecting this shit. You can also get the D12 album which this is off for pennies on the Amazon Marketplace.

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