Quagga – Quagga (6″, Lathe Cut) (2013)

November 21, 2013
Quagga – Quagga (6″, Lathe Cut) (2013)

Quagga is the solo-project of Goatgrind Records genius Nappy. This is his debut, and only, release under that name, playing lo-fi, gurgling goregrind. I think that this was a “test” release to sample the quality of the lathe cuts that Graham from 2208 Records produced, as it is only limited to 5 copies. I am lucky enough to be able to own one of these gems, by total chance! Remember kids, always tick shit you want on Discogs, you never know who is watching!

This 6″ is listed as a 5″ on Discogs, but it’s definitely a 6″, I measured the bastard, as I have little to no life. And, to top that off, it’s only one-sided so it doesn’t last very long. I guess though it doesn’t really need to; it gets it’s point across in a few short, garbled bursts of goregrind hell. This one is a keeper (it even has my name on it, so I guess it’s mine forever!).

P.S. Please excuse the smaller-than-usual cover art photo for this post, I fucked up the photography and it’s blurry as shit, but it looks OK at a smaller resolution. 

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