Last Days Of Humanity – The Sound Of Rancid Juices Sloshing Around Your Coffin (1998)

Oh wow, on first impressions this album sounds absolutely huge on vinyl. There is definitley a depth of tone that CDs just cannot hit, no matter how crystal clear digital production can get. I don’t dislike the CD format like some die-hard vinyl fans; I think that certain music is better suited to certain formats. It all depends on the nuisances and over-all sound the band is trying to achieve, I think. This is one of the pitfalls of the modern-day vinyl renaissance; I think that a lot of stuff that is ending up on “deluxe” vinyl really shouldn’t be there. That’s my two cents, at least!

Back to the record at hand; Last Days Of Humanity are an absolute testament to the development of the goregrind genre through the ninities and into the new millenium. Their dank and heavy sound is reminescent of a more classic underground death metal approach, but the song structures and those fucking acrid vocals make sure that things stay firmly lodged in the goregrind ballpark. I don’t think Rancid Juices…. has ever sounded so good; this is surely related to what I was saying about certain things belonging to certain formats?

I suppose it helps that the album got the remaster and repress treatment thanks to Poland’s Fat Ass Records, but still, it sounds fantastic on wax. Speaking of Fat Ass, fucking get a copy of this shit right now! Out of a variety of colours, but it’s probably worth mentioning that the colour I have here is limited to one copy only…which I am totally proud and chuffed to pieces about owning. U jelly?