Gets Worse – Negative (2013)

I fucking love Gets Worse, to be honest. What a cracking fucking band. This little 45rpm 7″ EP starts off sounding very metal indeed, but it does not take long for the powerviolence assault of the senses to fully begin raining down on your poor little ears. After the little intro “Too Much Talk” starts off with a mid-paced growly approach before heading into blasting territory and then into something resembling a hardcore breakdown…that’s pretty much everything Gets Worse are about in one little song!

Side A is over in a fucking flash. I have a bit of difficulty with Side B; I have some crazy popping going on with the first track, which eventually resulting in a never-ending skip loop. I decide to give this track a skip and move it onto the next one, “Pessimist” and all is well with the world! All the powerviolence back up in this bitch! My favourite thing about Side B however is the final track, “Stubborn” which is a dirging, almost drone-y build up of wicked guitar and bass distortion, culminating in a massive sludge metal attack. Blimey!

This little green fuck was put out as a collaboration between Hygiene Records in the USA and Evil Purple Bastard in the UK, and is limited to 500 copies, all of which are on transparent green wax. Sexy.