Mortiis – Decadent & Desperate (2005)

I got these two when they were around (I think) 70p each on the Earache store. An utter bargain! Every now and then they put the shit that I assume wasn’t selling down to some retarded low price. Once I went on there and they had Adema 7″s for 10p each. I was almost tempted to make a large purchase and then build a fire out of Adema singles. That would have been a good day! Too bad I snoozed on that opportunity; said Adema records are now an extortionate 99p each. Life is not fair.

Anyway, onto the music. Decadent & Desperate is not one of the highlights in the Mortiis cannon if you ask me, but I got these anyway because I do intend to get all of his vinyl one day, even the horrendously over-priced era 1 ambient stuff. One 7″ contains a pretty uneventful live recording and the other a remix of “Way Too Wicked”, which is a fairly cool song. The wax is all black but limited (?) to 2000 copies, and I’m guessing there is a 1000 green and 1000 brown, but I could be wrong.