Schnauzer / Crossface – Split 7″ (2008)

Crossface aren’t particularly bad for your average hardcore band. I don’t understand hardcore at all so I’ll skirt over this before I say something to embarrass myself and bring down a sea of X-marked fists upon my head. Schnauzer on the other hand is one of my favourite things ever. Why is it then, that it has taken me so long to finally write a post for this, one of my all time favourite 7″s? Why is it then, I have never bothered to check out Schnauzer, ever? Why is it that I have only, since hearing this, bought one other Schnauzer split 7″ to date? I suspect the answer is because I am a fucking idiot, but nevertheless things like this really bug me. How can I be so stupid as to constantly forget this bands existence?

Schnauzer hold the perfect blend between musical quality and comedy. The songs here are tight, heavy and loosely centered around grindcore and metal, yet at the same time they are riotously funny as fuck. “Total Lunatic” is one of the best songs ever recorded in the history of the entire universe, ever, and closer “Blasted Beyond Belief” really is the icing on the cake. I won’t waffle any longer, but I’ll just link you some Schnauzer shit and be done with it. Pressed on a combination of black and orange records by Rescued from Life and Shifty Records.

PS if that’s not J Mann from Mushroomhead at the end of “Blasted…” then my name is Colonel Cuntsandwich.