Let It Die – Let It Die (2012)

I first saw these guys by chance when I went up to Bristol to catch Weekend Nachos. Little did I know until a few days before that the show was an all dayer, filled to the brim with some of the best fuckin’ grindcore bands the UK has to offer right now. Despite the fact that I had completed the Ultimate Burger challenge (I won’t go into it) pre-gig and was in a state of too-much-protein-lethargy for the entire day, I had one hell of a blast and got turned on to so many new bands. I guess it got me right back into grind! It was the kick that I needed, the reminder that the underground was still alive somewhere and I was just too blind to see it.

So when I heard that this 7″ was coming out on a collaboration featuring the excellent Dead Chemists Records I nearly shit a brick in excitement. Gutted for the band that this didn’t end up coming out on Southern Lord, but it sure as hell made it easier (and cheaper) for me to get a copy right here in the UK! This spins at 45 so it doesn’t last very long, but it doesn’t need to; it’s punchy and in your face and gets it’s point across quickly. The production is great, echoing the band’s extremely tight live sound a thousandfold on record. This totally doesn’t sound like a 3 piece.