The Big Pink – Dominos (2009)

October 20, 2011

Here’s a release that’s a bit unusual for my tastes; The Big Pink’s slightly well received single “Dominos”. Some of you may remember it from Xbox 360 adverts a few years back? Anyways, this 7″ was put out by 4AD in 2009. I can’t find any pressing information, but seeing as The Big Pink appealed to a lot of people I would assume that there was a lot made.

After seeing these support Muse in Birmingham I decided to buy the 7″, it’s catchy as hell and the artwork is cool, but the b-side is a bit weak. I have their album but haven’t listened to it enough to come up with a conclusion on Big Pink’s sound. If you have an open mind check these out (you can listen to the song below – from today’s post I will be making a habit of including a YouTube link to one song from every release, if possible), but be warned, it’s very poppy.

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