Bowel Stew / Tu Carne – Split 7″ (2004)

Another one of my first ever 7″ purchases. This time, horrible, disgusting goregrind, of course! This is the Bowel Stew split 7″ with Tu Carne, released in 2004 on the no longer active American label Murder The World. The cover is a bit fucked up, if your not a gore-hound be prepared to be a bit shocked.

Both bands offer up noisy passages of goregrind, Tu Carne are probably a bit more organised than the sludgy, liquid putridity of Bowel Stew. There is something about Bowel Stew’s material that is somewhat inconsistent. Perhaps there has been lots of line up changes? I don’t know, I’m not that well educated about their existence. This is definitely for fans of this niche genre only, I can’t see it appealing to many others. Still, great horrible music!