Blood Duster – Menstrual Soup (1992/2004)

Your looking at the post for Blood Duster’s 2004 re-release of their 1992 demo tape, on a super cool picture disc. It was remastered from the original tape and released by Bizarre Leprous Productions.

Musically, it’s a whole world away from Blood Duster’s bizarre mix of blasting grindcore and swanky rock’n’roll; a dirgy, muddy six tracks of horrible noisy goregrind. Where pitch-shifted vocals sneak into later Blood Duster every now and then, here they are the norm, bolstered by a bass heavy, thick and pounding production and plodding, thumping drums.

I would say that this would be a collector’s item for Blood Duster fans, but that’s not true in the respect that this is purely goregrind, and that a lot of fans of that genre could like this release too. You can still get this for about £5, and it’s also out on shaped CD (on the same label) and the original self released tape from 1992 (good luck finding that!).

The OG cassette cover