Todesstrafe / Hollentur – Split 7″ (2021)

June 1, 2024

Todesstrafe play hateful, venomous drum machine black metal. Thankfully, the programmed drums sound dark and powerful, which compliments the rest of the sound nicely. Hollentur on the other hand, kind of sound like the Autopsy of NSBM, with a drums-forward mix and ants-in-your-pants drumming; all sorts of cymbal flourishes and fills keep you guessing and the compositional elements of the song here are all over the place. I don’t mean that as a slight; it is super interesting, for sure. By the time the piano kicks in, I’m sold.

I’d recommend this to any black metal fan but there is of course the elephant in the room that is the NS themes, which would no doubt alienate 90% of listeners, but there you go.

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