Deceased – The Blueprints For Madness (1995)

June 1, 2024

I’m no expert on Deceased but credit is due where credit is due: a.) the drumming on this is absolutely fucking fantastic! As a drummer myself I was fucking glued to my headphones for the entire listen (and then the repeat listen lol). Then, of course, there is point b.), which is that Deceased have such an unique personal take on the death metal template. Outside of “the greats”, how rare is that? It’s a sad reality that a lot of death metal does kind of all sound the same, but not Deceased. Not The Blueprints For Madness.

Comparisons to Autopsy are understandable but also somewhat unfair, as the two bands are considerably different. Both bands have incredible drummers who also perform vocals, but that’s as far as it goes. I can’t say so much for some of the later Deceased stuff that I’ve heard, but this record is fantastic.

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