CKY – An Answer Can Be Found (2005)

February 25, 2024
CKY – An Answer Can Be Found (2005)

CKY’s third album and the beginning of the end IMO. An Answer Can Be Found isn’t a bad album by any stretch, in fact the single released for this record, “Familiar Realm” and opening number “Suddenly Tragic” are both up there with some of my favourite CKY tracks. Unfortunately I cannot speak so highly for the rest of the album, as well made as it is and as good as the riffs are none of the songs are memorable enough to stick with me and it facilitated my loss of interest in the band at the time of its release.

Returning to it now all these years later I feel much the same, and the ballad-like closing track feels like a bit of a cheap attempt to recapture the success of “Close Yet Far”, which leaves a bad taste at the close of play, not exactly inspiring me into further repeat listens.

RIP CKY either way.

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