Black Magick SS – Symbols Of Great Power (2012)

February 16, 2024
Black Magick SS – Symbols Of Great Power (2012)

Where it all began for the now infamous Black Magick SS. Black metal enthusiasts will no doubt feel right at home with the muddy, distant production, but fans of even the most dusty and occult psychedelic rock may be alienated somewhat by the intense layers of fog present on this thing. Despite this (I’m not complaining, just suggesting it may be a bit much for those outside of the lo-fi worlds lol), the magic (no pun intended) was clearly there from the start, albiet in more crude and primitive forms. Symbols Of Great Power is not a record I revisit often, but it is good to know the roots of one of the best projects in this style.

Below is the original (self release?) cassette cover, with the uhhh offending symbols of said power. Above is the Darker Than Black 7″ cover. Who’d have thought the DTB version would be the less sketchier one!? Ha!

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