Tu Carne / Germen / AxTxS – Split CD (2003)

May 13, 2024

Seriously good shit! For those into the world of messy, disgusting goregrind, then this is the creme de la creme of sick, twisted, splattered metal. Germen and Tu Carne are like spiritual successors (the latter of the former), so having them both on one CD makes a ton of sense. The new find for me here is AxTxS who are just downright fucking sinister. Musically they are also not too dissimilar to Germen, but the vocals, goddamn; echoing shrieks of agonizing pain! Vocals sound like someone being amputated with a chainsaw (no anaesthetic!) at the bottom of an elevator shaft. Suuuuuper sick shit all round, 100% linesinwaxxx approved – need to hunt down a physical copy of this shit pronto!

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