Anal Cunt – It Just Gets Worse (1999)

August 3, 2023
Anal Cunt – It Just Gets Worse (1999)

There is no title as fitting for this album as the title it was actually given. On this 1999 full length (the last proper full length, unless you count the parody album Fuckin’ A), Anal Cunt step up the nastiness both in word and in sound. The song titles and lyrics have reached what I think many would say are the “peak” Anal Cunt style, with a whole smorgasbord of intentionally offensive subjects covered. On the sound end, the production is a considerable step down compared to the last few releases, but this adds another level of shrill abrasiveness to the record that makes it so much harder. The riffs are on point here too, with Josh Martin (RIP) churning out some sinister grooves (“I Lit Your Baby On Fire”, “Into The Oven”).

My favourite tracks have to be “Easy E Got A.I.D.S. From Freddie Mercury” or “I Fucked Your Wife” (so frenetic and messy), or the still more-real-than-real “Chris Barnes Is A Pussy”.

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