Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks (1990)

August 2, 2023
Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks (1990)

Twin Peaks possesses one of the most magical and captivating soundtracks of all time. It is impossible, in my mind, to separate Twin Peaks the show from Twin Peaks the music. This is part of the reason I think, why Season 3 was so jarring to me at first, as Badalamenti’s score is used far less there. I now love Season 3, and Badalamenti’s contributions there are now some of my favourites, but not having the whole thing soaked in these gorgeous synthesiser compositions and jazz beats was a bit strange.

Nothing however captures a feeling (usually of melodrama), a time and place, and an uncanny sense of dread quite like Angelo Badalamenti did for Twin Peaks. Truly, it is stunning. I cannot heap enough praise on this thing. It has been life-changing for me, in regards to my musical journey.

I’ll see you in the trees.

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