Ice – Under The Skin (1993)

March 5, 2023
Ice – Under The Skin (1993)

I’ll listen to anything by Kevin Martin or Justin Broadrick, so put them together we are absolutely cooking on gas. Having thusfar made it to 2023 without ever hearing Ice, my first layman’s impression of them is that the vibe and sound here is very similar to the latter Bullen-era Scorn; spacey, acid-head dirges consisting of sub-bass, electronic beats and wailing guitars, all lead by dead-pan, haunting vocals.

This record is a monster; all the songs are monsters and the total runtime is a monster too. I’d highly recommend strapping yourself in for a session though, bringing along whichever your choice of drug is (or just listen to it at 3am for that desired lucid-yet-sleepy effect).

I listened to this whole thing in one go with no breaks and its been a lot to digest so I don’t have any favourite tracks per say to report, at least not just yet.

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