Abruptum – Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me (1993)

This is probably the crappiest Abruptum record that I’ve come across thusfar. When dealing with a band whose entire shtick is being crappy (albeit in a dark and evil way lol), then that can be really disappointing. Like getting an Agathocles 7″ where the recording is just so fucking bad you wanna throw the thing against a wall.

Anyway, this release offers nothing to me. There’s no atmosphere, no savagery or seemingly any point to this. This is like the black metal version of some crappy MySpace noisecore band. Usually, this works well for Abruptum, but not this time. Ironically, this was their “big” release on Deathlike Silence. If anything, Euronymous’ statement about this being the best aural of blackened evilness or whatever, just shows you how much of an idiot that guy was. This sucks ass.