PainKiller – Guts Of A Virgin (1991)

January 4, 2023
PainKiller – Guts Of A Virgin (1991)

I know Zorn did Naked City but this kind of “high art” vibe experimental jazz seems a million miles away from the basement gigs and punk ethos of grindcore. Nevertheless, Napalm Death whirlwind Mick Harris is on this thing. An odd choice in 1991 it may have seemed perhaps, but Mick has done some very experimental stuff with his career, from Scorn to Lull to the bazillion other projects. The man is so much more than a grindcore drummer (and one of the best at that). 

The staff involved on this thing makes it hard to admit that it is not a record that I love. It lands it’s blows about half of the time, the other half of the time the songs sound like nonsensical jams, and not in a good way. But yeah – when it does hit, it really really hits. Screaming, crazy, batshit grind-meets-free-jazz.

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