Gorgonized Dorks / RedSK – Split CDr (2012)

March 28, 2018
Gorgonized Dorks / RedSK – Split CDr (2012)

This is just pure analogue noise heaven; bleeping, blooping, leaping, looping fun for all of the family, or something like that. Dancing along the line that zig zags haphazardly between a harsh noise auditory palate cleanser and the type of soundtrack you’d get in a b-movie about aliens invading the earth, Disregard Your Life is a refreshing and almost relaxing trip through the world of electronic noise.

The first track, at just shy of nineteen and a half minutes long, is a massive departure from the regular noisecore explosions that Gorgonized Dorks specialise in. RedSK bring a harsher attack to the table; ear-drum irrigating distortion fluctuates between bowel churning rumbles and synapse-frying screeches. What a beauty! 

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