Pornorama / Lord Piggy – Split EP (2015)

This is a digitally released EP between two pornogrind bands, one from Thailand and one from Mexico. Pornorama are the latest addition to the Bedroom Pornogrind Club, offering a plodding, somewhat tedious approach to proceedings. It is, honestly, not that good. The riffs are pretty interesting but the vocals are crap and the drumming is thin.

Lord Piggy have a slightly more filled out sound, but fall into the Cemetery Rapist school of crickets-meets-chugga-chugga death metal. I suppose, I could stop being an elitist dickhead and class this as pornogrind, but it is much closer to badly recorded brutal death. Musically, despite seemingly having culled tracks from various different sessions, Lord Piggy are on point. The vocals though, make me want to put my head on a train track.

Top the whole thing off with awful fucking artwork and hey presto, one pornogrind split. Forgive me being harsh here, but this whole release is tired as fuck.