Hallucinocide – The Peel Session (2016)

Hallucinocide is one of the noise identities of Chilean artist Vicente Perez, perhaps most well known for his other project, Bucket Of Piss. The Peel Session isn’t quite so drumstick-meets-saucepan-core as his more “meme’d” project, but it definitely offers up a much more violent and vital exercise in proper harsh noise.

Comprised of two tracks, each clocking in at over 20 minutes, The Peel Session is a meandering listen covering a broad spectrum of the patterns, frequencies and expressions one would expect to find in such a performance: “Espresso With A Twist Of Lemon” is almost primal in nature, sounding in parts like some sort of digitized wounded animal. “Get The Fuck Out Of Here? (No, I Cannot)” offers a more traditional exploration through the static; feedback loops, bleeps, rumbles and some nice’n’spicy crackling.

Currently streaming on the Dismissive Records site but also coming soon on a physical tape release under Trashfuck.