Burial – Unholy Sedition (2016)

February 27, 2017
Burial – Unholy Sedition (2016)

(Guest Revievv Invokked by Griefmonger on thy infernal date ov 27/02/2017)

Polish Darkthrone if they were from Manchester. It’s good; there’s a nice mix of heavy and tremolo riffs with a production that you can hear, both without sounding polished or like it was recorded in your Nan’s shed. I like it. It’s not afraid to go slow and the vocals are just crossing the line of black from death. There’s a fine line. The UK black metal club scene sports a lot of bands who want to be Behemoth, but there is a lot of Darkthrone channeled here, as well as the death metal influence. Track five, “Nothing Awaits”, sums it up for me. There be a little bit of Carpathian Forest as well as the influences I aforementioned.

All in all, a great album. Great band. I have seen them live (and under very difficult circumstances) deep in the valleys of South Wales and they nailed their set. CD is a nice cardboard gatefold; cool grey and black (fuck you Xerox), with cryptic artwork. I would have liked a lyric sheet, but that is always my bugbear.  Go listen to the music, buy the t-shirt, fuck the girlfriends. Cool band.

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