Wadge – Grindcore Lu’au (2011)

February 26, 2017
Wadge – Grindcore Lu’au (2011)

Wadge is a long-running grindcore project from Canada, which has fallen into its very own self-styled “surf” grind. It sounds like a ridiculous gimmick, and I guess, to be honest, it probably is. What separates this however, from “bands” like Caninus or the fucking Grindmother is that this shit is actually fucking decent, and not just a stupid fucking meme set up to make money from people who don’t actually listen to grindcore anyway (okay, that might be a bit harsh, but you get my drift).

This is nothing short of pure grinding genius; the song titles alone are worth heaps of praise. The drum programming is spot on and when everything else piles on like extra rings of pineapple on an Hawaiian burger, this is one serious wall of grinding noise. This was also the first release on Jay Randall’s Grindcore Karaoke net label.

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