Clitorape – Gynaecological Apocalypse (2015)

Clitorape are a groovy goregrind band from France. Gynaecological Apocalypse is the group’s very sexy debut release, boasting a super-downtuned sound and dual-headed pitchshifted vocal approach, because y’know, one pitchshifter is never enough. Expect styles perfected by Rompeprop, GUT et al plunged to new depths; new lows, new brutality and most importantly, new grooves.

Stand out tracks include the smooth jazz and nu-metal tomfoolery of the hilariously-titled “Bubble Butt Blues”, the blast happy “Natural Porn Killers” and the gooey, gargling “Smegmageddon”. In addition, at the end of the record there is a bunch of tracks featuring collaborations with fellow goregrinders 5 Stabbed 4 Corpses and Ass Deep Tongued (come on, what a band name hahaha). The whole thing is rounded off nicely with covers of Ultimo Mondo Cannibale and Satan’s Revenge On Mankind (the SROM cover being particularly tasty, no pun intended).

It was also a pleasure to catch the band at the 2016 edition of Forced System Festival.

(2021 edit: unsurprisingly, and to add much to the bad name that pornogrind already has, some very shady accusations were levelled at members of this band.)