Dance Gavin Dance – Mothership (2016)

(words by dance, Gareth, dance!)

I decided to say a few words on this album after seeing the band perform live a week or so ago, where I was actually lucky enough to see all 3 versions that have been of the band perform since all current and ex-vocalists were present as part of the band’s 10 year anniversary tour. So, here we have Mothership, the latest release from the Tilian Pearson era of the band, and a damn good record at that! This is great; all the catchy guitars, tight drumming, and high energy, highly vocaled frenzy I could possibly want. Such a good energy and vibe from this stuff.

Highlights include: “Young Robot” (possibly my favourite track on the album), “Deception” and “Betrayed By The Game”. Since the band are now on their 3rd vocalist in 10 years I guess there are probably some divides with fans over which era of the band they prefer, but whatever that may be there’s no denying that this is a great Dance Gavin Dance album, whatever the case may be. A really fun album.