Wormrot – Voices (2016)

November 12, 2016
Wormrot – Voices (2016)

Voices is the really, really, reaaalllly long-awaited return of Malaysian grindcore machine, Wormrot. When you think that the last thing we heard from these guys was the Noise EP, that is surely a crime against extreme music in itself. This hiatus has spanned for longer than most grindcore band’s careers, but nevertheless, they are finally back, and most people would probably agree that it has been worth the wait.

Voices marks a massive departure from the usual Wormrot sound. Gone is the rough-around-the-edges production, and gone (literally!) is the original drummer, who has been replaced by who can only be described as the human equivalent of a gale-force wind, playing a technical yet thoroughly “grindcore” style that reminds me of Mick Harris circa 1990 and Pig Destroyer / Misery Index blastmaster Adam Jarvis.

Eagle-eared listeners and long time fans will also note the totally unexpected creepings of melody working its way into a few tracks. A specific example of this would have to be the phenomenally excellent “Compassion Is Dead”, which reeks potently of 2000s era Nasum; the chorus riff literally weeps and it is absolutely incredible.

Fingers crossed for catching the band live this year!

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