Anal Floss Is Boss – You Gott’a Grin To Get It In (2016)

(2021 edit: there have been some very sketchy accusations that have come out against the guy in this project. Instead of deleting my review because of someone else’s actions, please find the original 2016 piece below unedited. Consider it a historical document, or whatever. To be absolutely clear: LIW unequivocally condemns any acts of sexual abuse, violence or manipulation.)

Anal Floss Is Boss is an hilariously-titled goregrind project from Carmarthen of all places (although currently based in the crapital city of Wales, Cardiff), which has been sporadically active for over 9 years, originally starting as a side project. Despite this unusual life-span for a drum machine goregrind project, You Gott’a Grin… is the debut EP under the moniker, self-released by the band’s mastermind Des (or is that mastergrind? I’ll show myself out…) on a run of 100 copies.

The sleeve art of Bonnie Rotten looking like she is embalmed in nuru gel should give you some idea of what to expect here. The whole thing opens with a porno sample before launching into “Analphilia”, which I guess counts as the “lead single” here (see the video below). Thick, groovy guitars are held together by realistically programmed drums (got a really sludgy Hymen Holocaust kinda sound going on here). My favourite song though has to be the closing number, “Hacked, Spewed, Used For Food”, and not only because it contains samples from Peep Show, but because it holds the perfect balance between riffing and chuggy, slower parts.

Production by Fan (Octohead / ex-Necrocest) gives the EP a meaty punch that a lot of DIY projects lack, and really is the icing on the shit / vomit / semen smeared cake. Bon appétit!